Unlike most newly-Apotheosis’ed Netjer, Achenakhem was not gifted with a temple barge or houseboat upon which to start his new life on the endless Iteru. Rather, Ptah gave his son a floating dry-dock, an army of shabti, a budget greater than all the World’s engineers—living and dead combined—could ever have dreamed of, and a simple challenge:

“Impress me. You have a week.”

Achenakhem realized immediately that he would have to prove himself to more than just his Divine father. He was well-aware of the danger posed to the Pesdjet by the Greater Titan Akhetaten, but his proposal of building a force of self-aware, flying drones to counter them had not been entirely accepted by the somewhat hidebound pantheon (or at all, by some of them.)


Nothing was ignored or wasted; even the dry-dock itself was disassembled and repurposed

(A few sharp-eyed observers have noted that the facility, with hit single massive runway, bears a more than passing resemblance to Boeing Field in Washington State, just outside Seattle, where his mortal mother worked and he spent a great deal ot time while growing up.)


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